The Boy on the Bus

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I saw a boy on the bus the other day
actually it was a tram but i thought the bus sounded a little nicer
so lets just pretend for a moment shall we?

His shoes were torn apart
and just barely held together with red duct tape
he didn’t notice with his eyes fixed on the pages in his book.

He accidentally bumped into people as he stumbled around the carriage
with the tram jolting forward and backward, and side to side.

He was trying to pay attention to the knowledge contained within its pages
and he seemed totally engrossed
although he wasn’t obnoxiously ignoring everyone else around him
he was genuinely apologetic when briefly becoming a little too intimate with the other passengers.

This was something that didn’t appear to faze him at all
and strangely didn’t faze the other passengers either.

It was his energy
something that emanated through everyone on board.

It was an energy that told us
he was treading his own path that forced him to stumble along the way
but also recognise his mistakes without guilt.

He continued along the path that was set before him
even though at times his body and soul wanted to part in slightly different directions
with shoes that needed to be mended but would have to wait just a little longer.

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